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Cryptocurrency Mining

Cryptocurrencies are a latest business trend of this era! Currently, everyone is eyeing the cryptocurrencies as a business opportunity that pays fast. Therefore, cryptos area digital business trend of today.

Now, there are two ways a person normally gets into the bitcoin business. One way is to invest in the cryptos as a trader. You can funnel in some bucks, and buy a crypto through it! The ups and downs of the crypto market can leave you in trouble. Therefore, this is a highly risky business that could require huge attention and care.

Cloud-Mining Basics

Cloud Mining


Requirements of Cloud Mining?

The cloud mining is a very convenient step. However, you require some things before you can get into the cloud mining business.

The requirements of cloud mining are not very complicated and most of them go even with the normal method of cloud mining. Therefore, here are the requirements of cloud mining:

Monitoring Device

Well, a monitoring device is the necessary component for everything! This might be your laptop, mobile phone or tablet etc. This device will be your office! Moreover, as you would have presumed by now, this is a really basic requirement for cloud mining.

The requirement of this personal device is for the basic purposes of monitoring and supervision. You’ll be able to see your progress through this personal device.

Monitoring Device for cloud mining

Communications System (Internet)

A personal device will be useless if you wouldn’t be able to access the internet. The internet is a communications system that will establish a link between you and your mining server. Therefore, a communications system is as crucial as a monitoring device to your system.

Crypto Wallet

A crypto wallet is another necessary component in your cloud mining system that will hold your clouds for you.

The server will mine the cryptos for you and will send you the cryptos in your wallet. It will hold your clients and implement the security features according to its type.

Therefore, a crypto wallet is the third core component of every mining system.


Hashing Investments

Some credit in your bank account is the fourth most important component in a cloud mining environment. If you cannot spare some bucks, then you are not eligible for mining, not to mention the fact that you have to pay a high price for renting the mining power.

Therefore, your investments for hashing are also important if you want to stay in the cloud mining business.

Cloud Mining Hardware

How it Works?

The process of cloud mining is a simple process. However, it is divided into three main forms:

1.      Hosted Mining

This is the most basic form of cloud mining where a server rents the processing power for a client.

2.      Virtual Hosted Mining

In this form of mining, the user creates a general purpose virtual private server. Then, we use this VPS for the purpose of mining. This is a more secure system of mining from the server.

3.      Leased Hashing Power

The third form of mining is through the use of leased hashing power. In which, a server engages in the mining procedures with the user based upon the amount of hashes. The leased hashing power does not have a dedicated physical or virtual machine.

This is the most popular and convenient method by far that the miners use. It is convenient for the miners as it delivers the required mining power for the users, while efficiently saving the hashing power for the hashing servers (the servers that mine).

How to Start Cloud Mining?

In order to start cloud mining, you have to follow these steps:

  1. Sign in to a reputed mining service

  2. Select the mining package as per your requirements. In case of the leased hashing power, you have to enter the amount of hashes you prefer.

  • Enter your payment details

  1. Complete the payment process.

This is how you get into the Cloud Mining business. However, you need to keep a look out for the precautions that we will mention below so that you can be safe from threats and scams.

Profitability of Cloud Mining

There are no expenses incurred while you are cloud mining as the entire process is taking part on the server side. The hashing server is facing the expenses on your part. However, you still need to look if the monthly mining rent is profitable for you.

You need to determine the monthly costs in reference to the monthly running cost. This is how you determine the profitability of the cloud mining.

Pros of Cloud Mining

Many prefer the process of cloud mining against the traditional mining. Here are some of the pros of cloud mining:

  • There are no upgrades to home such as conditioning

  • You don’t get increasing electricity costs if you have cloud mining

  • You don’t require the maintenance of the device


Cons of Cloud Mining

On the other hand, some people prefer not to consider cloud mining. Here are some of the cons of cloud mining to explain this:

  • There is always a risk of fraud

  • The mining operations are opaque

  • The cloud mining yields lower profits

  • There is a lack of control and flexibility. It is less fun if you are a computer geek!

Is Cloud Mining Still Profitable

Here is the million dollar question folk: is cloud mining still profitable?

To this date, many people ask if the cloud mining is profitable or not. To answer this question, we will look into the system of expenses.

If the mining is in loss, then the server side will have to bear all the expenses of the mining. Therefore, the mining operations will not be possible in such a scenario. So, if the cloud mining is not profitable then the servers will be shut down immediately.

Genesis Cloud Mining


Things to Look Out When Cloud Mining

Crypto mining is an interesting business. You have a great opportunity to expand if you are working on this system effectively. However, keep some things in mind as you are working on this business.

Here are some things to look out for when cloud mining:

Authority is Advantageous

You’ll have to rely on authority whenever the talk of cloud mining comes. There will be no physical mining equipment that you will be using. Therefore, it will be better for you if you pay a slightly higher rent to ensure that you are not investing into a ponzi scheme.

Therefore, authority is one of the most important things to look out when cloud mining. Surely, it will give you an advantage.

Mining Software
Monitoring Device for cloud mining

Your Security is the Top Priority

Client-end security is another thing to look out for when you are cloud mining. Obviously, the server end is safe and secure if it is authoritative. However, you have to secure it for the client-end. Use security on wallets and keep your mining equipment safe and secure.

This will help you out in the cloud mining. Keep in mind that if you are into cloud mining, authority servers are safe but your end is the weakest link. So, always keep your end secure and sound

Is Cloud Mining a Scam


When Does Cloud Mining Cover the Fees and Maintenance Cost?

Crypto mining is an interesting business. You have a great opportunity to expand if you are working on this system effectively. However, keep some things in mind as you are working on this business.

Here are some things to look out for when cloud mining:

The Best 3 Places to Get Cloud Mining Contracts

Now, this is our recommendation part folks! Here, we will be giving you our top 3 picks for the best cloud mining experience which are safe, secure and profitable.

So, here are the best 3 places to get cloud mining contracts:

Genesis Mining

Genesis Mining is the first cloud company and among the safest in the cloud mining industry. This company was formed in 2013.

The interesting thing about this company is that its owners came to know each other through buying and selling bitcoins. The company offers different types of mining cryptos. Currently, the company offers Bitcoin, Ethereum, Monero, Zcash and others in its main packages.



This is another excellent company with affordable prices. This is a new range of cloud mining services by the HashCoins team of crypto-experts. With Hashflare, there is not just quality, but also extensive experience in the field.

Hashflare is one of the most interesting platforms when you are looking at minimal risk while investing in cryptos. The company offers good maintenance, procurement and configuration at low costs.


Hashing24 is another expert-led company, which has an experience in the Bitcoin mining also. The idea behind this company is to have access to the newest technologies at the lowest prices.

This is the third company that we guarantee will not let you down through scams!


Cloud Mining Cryptocurrencies

The Cloud Mining is a very effective mode of mining with the lowest maintenance charges. Therefore, if you’re into the mining business, then this might be your expense-free mining shot. Just follow the above steps to set up your own cloud mining gig!

Folks! If you be careful enough, you can earn big bucks through this system. This system is not only fully autonomous, but it also earns big bucks.